X-Ray Machine 500mA (TR-50N)

X-Ray Machine 500mA (TR-50N)

Brand: Triup International
Origin: China


– Model TR-50N is standard type; Model TR5ON-DR, base on model TR-50N, add Wireless Flat Panel Detector (made in China), achieve digital type;
– Can work properly at 220V, very convenient; (optional energy-storing device)
– Simulation and digital double-loop accuracy control method; • High precision radiography time control;
– High precision tube current control;
– Kinds of setting modes for radiography conditions;
– Default self-protection, self-diagnosis;
– Lightweight and the compact console has the setting of radiography parameters for adult and children’s body features in multi parts, multi positions and multi conformation.
– It operates easily and can be a digital display.


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