X-Ray Machine 200mA (YZ-200B)

X-Ray Machine 200mA (YZ-200B)

Brand: SHANGHAI Nova
Origin: China


– Single-table / Single-tube
– Rotary anode X-ray tube unit and tangential annular tube head
– Single-phase full-wave rectification high-voltage generator
Power voltage (V) radiograph kilovolt (KV). Step-less control
electric mechanism
– Filament stabilizer for X-ray tube and space charge complement
– Radiograph volume KV mA and S. grading and interlock protection
– Adopt digital circuit timer. Grading according to R10 Priority coefficient.
(for more accurately controlling time)
– HT primary, the zero controlled circuit of the silicon-controlled rectifier of heavy power
– Radiographic table can move in length and breadth.
– The radiographic table, column and vibrating grid are in a whole without ceiling and floor rails bottom


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