Spiro Analyzer ST-190

Spiro Analyzer ST-190

Brand: Fukuda Sangyo Co. Ltd
Origin: Japan


Spirometry Test
VC, FVC, MVV, MV, PRE/POST (Bronchodilation), BC (Bronchial Challenge), DLH Rhinomanometry

Supported Languages
English, German, French, Spanish and Italian

Color LCD with touchscreen

Heated Fleisch-type pneumotach flow sensor

Predicated equations
Selectable for GLI 2012; ITS (Intermountain Thoracic Society); Knudson’83; Morris/Polgar; ECCS ’93; Spain; Japan; NHANES III; Norway; Chile; Austria; Finland; Koopman; &, Gutierrez ‘04

Data Filing Software
FS/PC Data Management Software

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A revolutionary spirometer, the ST-190 offers new innovative features without compromising the functionalities of our standard model, the ST-170. Uniquely designed with many years of our experience, the ST-190 can now measure nasal patency by rhinomanometry and DLH.

-DLH (Dynamic Lung Hyperinflation)
-SpO2/pulse rate monitoring (Optional)


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