X-Ray Film DI-HT

X-Ray Film DI-HT

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Brand: Fuji Film
Origin: Japan

Dry Imaging Film COMPATIBLE WITH FUJI DRYPIX PRIMA, DRYPIX Plus and DRYPIX7000 ‘S ONLY. This movie sort is known as Neutral color tones, Comparable to standard wet processing, Contributing to DRYPIX PRIMA, DRYPIX Plus and DRYPIX 7000’s, Consistently clear, low-density pictures are DI-HL and DI-HL films, whose neutral color tone generates pictures similar to those of standard wet processing.

The ECO-DRY system of DRYPIX is eco-friendly, movies for processing.  DRYPIX medical movies use distinctive aqueous solvents free from unpleasant odors, creating a neutral-colored picture that is so crisp that they are indistinguishable from those printed on moist halide film. Additional benefits of ECO-DRY include our creation of fresh liquid-coating technology that minimizes the need for damaging organic solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone and toluene in the heat growth of light-sensitive rials.

Film Sizes: 8×10, 10×14, 14×17

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