Diathermy Zeus 400

Diathermy Zeus 400

Brand: Zerone
Origin: Korea


Electrosurgical unit Diathermy Electrocautery
ZEUS-400 is one of the most popular models among ZERONE’s products, which use for universal purposes.
– 4 kinds of cut, bipolar and monopolar coagulation.
– Distinguish each working condition by audio sound and LED lamp.
– Best safety with the Feedback system.
REM(Return Electrode Monitoring)monitors the size of the contacting area between a patient and the pad, if the size is inappropriate, it automatically blocks the high-frequency current to minimize the danger of burning incidents.
– Stable output power.
The unit can stably and straightly output power by using microprocessors. When the unit turns off and turn it back on, the last set value will display by flash memory.


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