Anesthetic Ventilator Lotus SS-1200

Anesthetic Ventilator Lotus SS-1200

Brand: Shin-Ei Industries, Inc.
Origin: Japan

Electrically driven ventilator. It can be connected with an anesthetic apparatus generally sold.

Ventilation Method:Volume presets, time cycling
Tidal Volume:100 to 1,200ml
Breathing Frequency:5 to 35bpm
I/E Ratio:I:E=1:2(fixed)
Relief Valve:40cmH20 to 45cmH20(3.92kPa to 4.41kPa)
Bag meter:-10cmH2O to 90cmH2O(-0.98kPa to 8.82kPa)
Alarm:Low Press, Over Range, Power Failure, CPU Trouble Power
Requirement:AC mains
Dimensions:W410 × D245 × H250mm


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