Yuwell 7F-5W Oxygen Concentrator

Yuwell 7F-5W Oxygen Concentrator

Brand: Yuwell
Origin: China

– Oxygen Concentrator Stable Medical Grade
– Has inbuilt nebulization system
– Smart Alarm Function


1 cumulative time function;
2 Exceed press safety valve helping safe ensure.
3 Install power cut warning function.
4 high pressure and low-pressure alarming function
5 (7F-5 Double flux) shunt design, two users are provided with oxygen at the same time.

6 (7F-5W with nebulizer function)provides atomization function, maximum nebulizing rate≥0.2mL/min
7 (7F-5 with cord controller)oxygen concentrator and oxygen intake device can be separated, to realize the remote control and use continuous operation.


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