Mobile X-Ray Machine (TRF-100)

Mobile X-Ray Machine (TRF-100)

Brand: Triup International
Origin: China


Suitable for ward, operating room, accident field and mobile Clinique etc. in common Radiography.
– Mobile operating performance is flexible, wireless remote exposure, greatly reducing physician radiation dose
– Model TRF100 with the magnetism saturation manostat, more effective to stabilize the filament current, current does not fluctuate with the tube voltage, better for consistency effect of radiography
– Convenient removable, orientation exactly, simple operation and safe, reliable in use.
– Adopting the bridge rectification X-ray generator, which makes radiography more clear.
– Composing: X-ray generator Beam limiter, a control part, cross arm, pole, foundation etc.
– 90 kV 15mA, 30mA, 60mA and 100mA four levels
– Distance between the focus of X-ray generator to the ground up and down: 810-1790mm


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