High Flow Nasal Cannula (HF-75A)

High Flow Nasal Cannula (HF-75A)

Brand: Yuwell
Origin: China
Model: HF-75A
– Mode: Low flow / High flow,
– Flow Range: 2-25LPM/10-75LPM,
– Temperature: 34℃/31℃, 32℃, 33℃, 34℃, 35℃, 36℃, 37℃
– FiO2: 21-100%
– Screen size: 7-inch touch screen
– Operating mode: Touch
– Disinfection: Free disinfection
– Realtime monitoring: Flow, temperature, FiO2,
– Alarm: Dry humidifier alarm, Tube falling off alarm, Room temperature, low/high alarm, O2 input pressure low/high alarm, Oxygen concentration high/low alarm.


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