Fingertip Pluse Oximeter A3

Fingertip Pluse Oximeter A3

Brand: Heal Force
Origin: China


– 1.04 inch LCD color display(including roping and instruction)
– Blood oxygen saturation, plus rate, blood perfusion index, blood oxygen volume waveform and pulse intensity histogram can be displayed.
– Four-way rotation display.
– Intelligent power saving, no operation after 8 seconds automatically into standby mode
– Accurate monitoring Under the circumstance of weak perfusion ≤0.4%
– Physiological alarm, automatically change the display color when parameters are abnormal
– Low power indicator


The Pulse oximeter A3 has six core advantages: Multi-parameter Monitoring, Limit Alarm, 5-Second Test to Output the Value, Four-Way Rotation, Intelligent Power Saving and International Recognized.


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