Suction Machine

Suction Machine

Brand: Triup International
Origin: China


• Suction machine must be the assembly of devices designed to evacuate fluid, tissue, gas, or other foreign materials from the body cavity or lumen by means of suction.
• Suction Machine generally consists of mains electricity (AC-powered) suction pump, tubing, plastic/glass collection container(s), a vacuum gauge, a vacuum control knob, an overflow trap, a moisture filter, and possibly a microbial filter.
• The pump creates a vacuum in the suction tubing, which is inserted into the body for the removal of materials into the collection container. This system can be used in a wide variety of settings within healthcare facilities
• Dial regulate control knob to the max vacuum aspiration rate from Low to High capable of sustaining sufficient vacuum for the most suction environment.
• Suction machine will 2 polycarbonate Jars graduated, capacity 6000m1 with two bottles
• The bottle can be changed over auto once one bottle is full.
• Suction machine operated by footswitch when the intermittent suction is needed
• Mounted with 4 rubber anti-static castors with 2 lockable facilities. •Silicon Suction tubing and polycarbonate jars autoclavable and reused.
• Mounted with the check valve preventing fluid from flowing to motor or bottles
• Exterior housing made of heavy-duty ABS, scratch/rust-free
• Overflow protection system
• Suction machine will be an oil-less vacuum pump


Airflow rate : 80L/Min
Vacuum gauge : 0 – 760mmHg
Max vacuum mmHg : 680mmHg
Vacuum pump : Oil – less 270W
Collection jars (Polycarbonate): 6000m1 x 2pc

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