Tabletop Pulse Oximeter AH-MX

Tabletop Pulse Oximeter AH-MX

Brand: Acare
Origin: Taiwan


– Visual & sound alarms
– Auto-Rotate screen
– With medical-grade AC/DC charger
– Convenient 3 AA-size alkaline or rechargeable Li-ion battery
– Stores up to 99 IDs with 300 records each
– High resolution 2.4” color display
– Light and compact handheld design


This Handheld Pulse oximeter is a robust and accurate device for spot checks of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) level and pulse rate.
As a portable, convenient and reliable physiological monitoring device, handheld pulse oximeter AH-MX can greatly enhance patient care. It is widely applied in clinics, hospitals, medical organizations, and emergency wards, etc.


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